More Than Coffee

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Campaign Concept

Lavazza cares about more than giving you just a cup of delicious coffee. We care about all that it takes to give you the perfect Italian blend. From harvest to aromatic finish. From economic benefits to environmental conservation for farming communities. We know you expect more from a brand, so it’s time you see what we are all about: sustainability.

So this month, say yes to better coffee. To Italian coffee. One that goes beyond the cup. We will awaken coffee drinkers to our behind-the-scenes efforts by sharing all that goes into our beans before the coffee gets poured into your cup. We will tell the story of our eco-efforts so consumers know that Lavazza is a part of the solution.

Aspire to a better lifestyle. A better company. And discover more than coffee.


Digital banners concept

For those interested in Italian culture, we will show how Lavazza puts its own Italian spin on beans from around the world.


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For the food curious and cooking conscious, promoting Lavazza’s focus on sustainable ingredients and quality will peak the interest of these readers.

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Conde Nast Traveler - For the adventurer, explorer, and culture seeker, we will use imagery and copy showcasing all the locales we source our blends from.

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OOH/Subway banners

Farm to flavor.

In a series of out-of-home subway banners, we will use copy about New York City neighborhoods and the lack of farming areas nearby with imagery of the coffee growing process.

To entice consumers to elevate their coffee, this creative will nod to our sustainability efforts while encouraging consumers to try something new, something Italian. Our strategic insights show that 44% of coffee drinkers are millennials, so targeting this demographic in the city will resonate with them and awaken them to more than coffee.

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tv 30 sec spot

In a 30 second spot, we will share with consumers the behind-the-scenes stories of our coffee growing communities, and how we do more than just grow coffee beans.

This spot will feature the people who make this journey possible. Four people from different regions, speaking English with different accents, will voice over a video showing the beans’ journey from across the world into Italy. Each person will represent their part of the coffee journey where some of Lavazza’s beans have grown or been processed. Messaging will speak to the coffee beans not only from a mix of different locales, but from sustainable farms and communities.

Link to Script:

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Fair trade day event

At a coffee-infused event on Fair Trade Day, we will show how Lavazza supports the local farmers in various communities around the world and how we contribute to a sustainable, healthier planet.

Fans will walk through a series of rooms, each a geographic recreation one of our growing locales. Each room will educate about our coffee growing process and how we institute best practices along the way. At the end, a barista will be on hand to make custom, elevated styles of classic coffee drinks. Ones that start with a more positive journey from our laborers around the world.

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Lavazza & Eataly experience

Coffee like a pro.

Lavazza will partner with Eataly in New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas, Boston, and Los Angeles for the month of May. This experience will pair unique coffee drinks with a tasting menu inspired by the coffee’s country of origin for an unforgettable experience.

People can enter for a chance to attend by posting a photo of how they do their part to help the planet using the hashtag #MoreThanCoffee. Throughout the meal they will be treated to an unexpected Lavazza experience: a cocktail, a coffee-infused dish, and a dessert. The best part? 10% of their check will go towards improving our coffee growing communities around the globe.